Transitional-Age Youth

Transitional-Age Youth

The Meadowbrook Program, one component of the Transitional-Age Youth (TAY) services, is located in Florence, Massachusetts, and has four young adults residing together in a staffed townhouse with an office located in the common space of the townhouse. Additional young adults who have “graduated” from the Meadowbrook group living arrangement reside in their own apartments nearby and receive outreach services from the TAY outreach staff. 

In addition, staff members provide outreach services to 56 young adults living in a variety of settings throughout Hampshire and Franklin counties. 

Transitional-age youth generally benefit from traditional as well as non-traditional approaches to mental health services. Our program incorporates both. While young adults receive their medications, and inpidual and DBT group therapy, they also have access to ServiceNet’s Fit Together Wellness Center where they can participate in health and wellness classes, acupuncture, yoga and dance classes, strength training, cardio exercise and Reiki. There is also a large recovery services component to the program where young adults can participate in Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) groups, music groups, art activities, work as Peer Mentors assisting other clients in their mental health recovery, be employed as drivers in our transportation department and find other meaningful activities in our employment department.

Rehabilitation, support, and residential services are provided through a contract with the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health for inpiduals who experience severe and persistent mental illness.

For more information, call 413.585.1300 or the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.