Prospect Meadow Farm

Prospect Meadow Farm

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Prospect Meadow Farm was founded on the belief that recovery and life enrichment can be enhanced through farming activities and caring for animals. The farm is a non-profit social enterprise that empowers physically, mentally, intellectually, and economically challenged individuals to find meaningful activity through work in agriculture related fields.

Located in Hatfield, the farm is situated on 11 acres of farmland and woodlands, providing residential services to five adults in mental health recovery. The farm house offers residents an opportunity to live independently in a cooperative group setting. Residents participate in daily chores and maintain the residence, tend to the gardens, feed the animals, and provide mentoring to other clients visiting the farm. Through this community setting, residents strengthen their social skills, emotional competency, independence, and a competitive employment potential.

In addition, the farm offers vocational rehabilitation and transitional employment assistance to individuals with a variety of disabilities and provides a unique opportunity for clients to receive both information and hands-on training in a specialized field of work. Through regular workshops, training from job coaches, and hands-on experience gained from serving on work crews, program participants become experienced and knowledgeable in farm work and other careers in agriculture.

As you can imagine, our budget is very tight and we greatly depend on the generosity of community members to keep our vision a reality. If you would like to make a contribution, please click here.

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