Vocational Services

Berkshire Vocational Services helps people with disabilities find and maintain employment.

Developmental Disability Work Crew. Each summer, members of our developmental disability residential programs who are ready for competitive employment form a work crew that provides landscaping services in the Holyoke/Chicopee area. Residents quickly learn the various skills needed to meticulously maintain lawns and flower gardens. ServiceNet has many properties in that area, and this crew is responsible for maintaining the grounds for many of them.

Many of our clients go through our Mutual Support Training and become Peer Mentors, helping others and themselves, even as they help us in our mission.  

Prospect Meadow Farm is the first therapeutic farming community in the Pioneer Valley. As a working farm dedicated to using organic farming techniques it is dedicated to the rehabilitation of those with physical, mental and emotional challenges. Founded on the belief that recovery and life enrichment can be enhanced through farming activities and caring for animals, the farm stresses caring for the soil which in turn nurtures those working the land. Using the healing power of nature, meaningful work, recreational activities, and therapeutic community, the farm provides a vibrant healing and growth-enhancing environment for all.