Adult Behavioral Health Services

Counseling and Psychiatry. Our outpatient services provide counseling and medication management, when needed, to anyone struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues in all five of our outpatient clinics. We provide evidence-based treatments that work.   If you struggle with depression, anxiety, grief over sudden loss, difficulty coping with the aftermath of traumatic events, drug and alcohol addictions, urges to harm yourself, etc., we offer effective, compassionate care.

Our staff consists of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, and other behavioral health specialists who can help you figure out how to move forward in your life at this moment when you feel stuck, overwhelmed or despairing.  Our mission is to help you foster resilience and heal barriers to functioning as a whole person in our world. Change is possible!

Moving Forward, our certified batterer’s intervention program, provides services to individuals who have been referred by the courts. The program operates throughout Western Massachusetts and offers assessment and group intervention for batterers as well as support for partners and families.